News and outreach



Various resources

  1. National Science Week Climate Trivia, with Katy Auty and Anna MacDonald 19/8/2016 – see  trivia_questions.
  2. National Science Week School Visit (mixed age science_experiment on gravity)
  3. School Visit (Kindergarten class experiment on animals and seasons)
  4. Examples of cover letters and reviewer response files for publishing journal articles (cover_letter_example,reviewer_response_example and revised_cover_letter_example)


Selected News Articles

  1. Lewis, S.C. (2017). ‘I’m worried that having a baby will make climate change worse.’ SMH. online, 20/03/2017
  2. Lewis, S..C (2015) ‘Sure, winter felt chilly but Australia is setting new heat records at 12 times the rate of cold one’  The Conversation, online, 10/9/2015
  3. King, A.D., Karoly, D.J. and Lewis, S.C. (2015) ‘Scorching 2014 sees records tumble in 19 European countries’, The Conversation, online, 17/12/2014
  4. Lewis, S.C. and S.E. Perkins (2014) ‘Human hand are all over Australia’s hottest year’, The Conversation, online, 30/09/2014
  5. Lewis, S.C. and S.E. Perkins (2014) ‘Global meteorology report puts yet more heat on climate policy‘, The Conversation, online25/3/2014
  6. Lewis, S.C. and D.J. Karoly (2013) ‘Australia’s hottest year was no freak event: humans caused it’, The Conversation, online, 6/1/2014
  7. Lewis, S.C.  (2013) ‘Debunking the persistent myth that global warming stopped in 1998’, The Age and Sydney Morning Herald, online and print, 27/9/2013
  8. D.J. Karoly and S.C. Lewis (2013) ‘The hottest 12-month period confirmed: so what role did humans play?’, The Conversation, online, 2/9/2013
  9. S.C. Lewis and A. J. E. Gallant (2013) 4-part series on confidence and certainty in climate science, The Conversation, online, 20/8/2013 to 23/8/2013
  10. Lewis, S.C. and S.E. Perkins (2013) ‘There are no time-travelling climatologists: why we use climate models’, ECOS magazine, online and print5/8/2013
  11. Lewis, S.C. and S.E. Perkins (2013) ‘There are no time-travelling climatologists: why we use climate models’, The Conversation, online23/7/2013
  12. Lewis, S.C. and D.J. Karoly (2013) ‘The human role in our ‘angry’ hot summer’, The Conversation, online, 26/6/2013
  13. Lewis, S.C. and S.E. Perkins (2013) ‘More angry, more often: March heatwaves signals of new normal’, The Conversation, online28/3/2013

Selected Interviews

  1. ANU Science coral reef bleaching explainer video with Dr Jennie Mallela.
  2. Washington Post for ‘The simple statistic the perfectly captures what climate change means‘ (2015)
  3. Ten News at 5 (2014)
  4. ABC Lateline for ‘Human contribution to hottest year’ (2014)
  5. The Guardian for ‘Greenhouse gases made hottest year  on record ‘2,000 times more likely‘ (2014)
  6. The Guardian for ‘What really annoys scientists about the state of the climate change debate?’ (2014)
  7. ABC Science for ‘Human influence heats up Australia‘ (2014)
  8. Al Jazeera for ‘Australia debate of climate change heats up’ (2014)
  9. RadioAdelaide for Barometer program (2014)
  10. Climate Institute for video ‘What keeps a climate scientist up at night?’ (2013)
  11. The Age for ‘Scientists warn bushfire season getting getting-longer’ (2013)
  12. The Sydney Morning Herald for ‘Towards a hotter, wilder, future’ (2013)
  13. The Conversation for ‘Climate change ‘unprecedented’ by 2050: study’ (2013)
  14. The Conversation for ‘Extreme weather threatens crops, cities: official report’ (2013)

 Community Outreach

  1. Presentation to, Canberra, 2017
  2. Invited Ambassador for National Science Week, including Climate Change Trivia Night organiser, 2016
  3. National Science Week League of Remarkable Women Panel, CSIRO Discovery Centre, 19th August, 2015
  4. Science Meets Parliament, Canberra, 17-18th March, 2015
  5. Balwyn High School Xplore Program, Melbourne, 24th June, 2014
  6. State of the Climate 2014 – Australia‘ presented by Australian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society (2014)
  7. Inaugural Australian Science Media Centre Scientist in Residence at The Age (2013)
  8. ‘Scientific expert’ in Science Animations Public Outreach Project with digital media design students at Swinburne University (2013)
  9. National Science Week speaker at Quantum Victoria and Yarra Plenty Regional Library (2013)
  10. Mentor of Growing Tall Poppies Program for high school students at Santa Maria College (2012)


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