Delivered speech to Interactive Science at the Shine Dome for National Science Week 10/8/2019



Interview with ABC Radio Canberra  9/8/2019 (commenced ~ 37 minutes)

Interview with WIN News Canberra 9/8/2019

Winwin magazine 11/10/2019

School visits

Destination Moon – three sessions at Pinocchio Early Learning Centre

1 Packing a suitcase for Destination Moon

  • Moon viewing (through three children’s telescopes + 3D printed moon lamp)
  • Discussion of moon surface and what we would need to survive there
  • Drawings of what we would take to the moon 

2 Make your own moon 

  • Discussion of how the moon formed
  • Papier mache moons

3 Rocketship competition

  •  Make our own rocket ships and have a competition of whose can go the highest
  • Prizes for the best rocket and the best learners throughout the week