About me

I am an early career academic at a university in Australia. My PhD was awarded in 2011 investigating long-term changes in the Australian monsoon system. Since then, I have been investigating the causes of recent extreme climate events in Australia. My interests are climate change and variability, communicating climate change, diversity and equity in academia and early career experiences.

My primary research work involves investigating the contributions of human and natural influences to recent extreme climate events in Australia, such as heatwaves and floods. Using a set of climate model experiments, these types of studies calculate the probability of an extreme event occurring in a set of experiments that include only natural climate forcings, such as volcanic eruptions and solar variations. The probability of the extreme event is then calculated in a second set of experiments that use both natural and human forcing factors, such as greenhouse gases. When the probabilities of extreme events are compared between the two experiments, the change in risk that can be attribution to human influences, like greenhouse gases, can be calculated. Attribution studies are useful for understanding the potential risks and costs associated with future climatic changes.


One thought on “About me

  1. Hi Sophie
    I am not a climate scientist however I have been working in climate change extension in agriculture for the last 8 years in SWQ. Keep up the good work in research and putting up a public face for your work. I was distressed by what the keyboard warriors felt the need to tirad but unfortunately not surprised. A great read for women in workforce is Sheryl Sandberg’s – ‘Lean In’. Keep up the good work. It is so valuable.
    Kind Regards

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